For already a long time, the herbalist DESMECHT offers the opportunity to discover the  benefits of herbs. The second and third generation of this family of herbalists have combined their experience and energy to offer you a shop where scientific knowledge and quality are most important.

The experience of the house DESMECHT goes back to 1840, when at the store on the place Sainte Catherine various types of flour were sold, including “Phosfuhrine” the first baby milk powder. In the 50s the father of Hugo Desmecht took over the business. It was Hugo himself whom, after his studies of Heilpracktiker chose the herbalist direction. His daughter, Ellen, and son-in-law , Niels, both studied at the university and followed studies in different domains such as herbalism, aromatherapy and nutritherapy.

Also, all employees received training as a herbalist or have a similar degree. Additionaly, the company offers every year the opportunity to a student to gain practical experience.
Knowledge is indeed one of the main assets of these herbalists. “We wish to offer effective and personal sollutions to our clients. Herefore we rely on our experience and up-to-date scientific literature. We seek not merely to work on symptoms, but to remedy the source of the problem. And if necessary, we will refer the client to specialists.” Says Ellen Desmecht. “The slogan “Natural Solutions” summerizes perfectly our concept.”

For some time now, Hugo Desmecht has also been working with AZ Zeno Hospital in the context of integrative care for cancer patients.

Integrative medicine in collaboration with Zeno hospital.