SUPerCONFORT (powder) 200g

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Curcuma longa, Boswellia serrata, Cuminum cyminum, Carduus marianus, Zingiber officinalis, Piper nigrum

2 coffee spoons in a drink (water, juice,…)
Stir and drink immediately.
ORGANIC Quality (Bio)
We try to deliver organic qualité if possible. However, this is not always possible and the quality can varie during the year. This due to: insufficient harvest, not sufficient active principals in de organic qualité, temporarily not available in organic quality,…
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SuperConfort is a herbal complex that ensures smooth digestion and the maintenance of flexible joints and muscles thanks to the beneficial effects of curcuma, boswellia, cumin, milk thistle, ginger and black pepper.
The yellow curcuma root has considerable anti-oxidant properties, helps digestion, supports the liver and maintains the natural balance of the intestinal flora. In addition, curcuma also has cell protection characteristics and contributes to the health of joints and bones. To promote the absorption of the curcuma, a little black pepper has also been added to the preparation.
The SuperConfort preparation is reinforced by the lesser known but certainly not less appreciated Boswellia. Boswellia serrata is the plant of which incense is made but is also used to strengthen the intestinal flora and to reduce stiffness and keep muscles and joints flexible.
Ginger and Cuminon the one hand result in an increased resistance and on the other hand also help with a good digestion.
The Milk thistle seed in turn is responsible for the maintenance of normal liver function, combating the formation of free radicals (antioxidant) and also contributes to good cholesterol.
Our customers are very enthusiastic about how SuperConfort helps to stay fit and gives a reinforcing feeling.